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RIP Astra;

Okay, so I had a Holden Astra that had a couple of mechanical issues I recently got fixed. I hadn't even paid the bill yet. But I was having a pretty shitty week, and I don't know about you - but driving is just one of those things that relaxes me. Well usually.. I came around a left corner, lost traction and tackled an embankment head not - NOT SO RELAXING as I'm sure you can imagine.

The car itself is probably a repairable write off, but the cost to repair the damage just isn't worthwhile, which sucks having just fixed it up in order to sell. Sometimes I feel I have the worst luck. But the world keep spinning and I came out of it 100% safe and uninjured which is the main thing. Cars come and go. Just sucks because it was a really good car, when it had traction!

Jesse Phillips