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Family & Friends

Family & Friends..

Okay, so this page is a little bit of a work in progress at the second. But basically, as the name suggests this is a little space where I can promote the Wrecked crew and link you in with them directly so you that you can follow them and their journey. I do try to promote the crew on my socials as often as I can but admittedly there is a point where it becomes annoying and you probably consider it a little spammy (yes that is a word, and maybe I had to google it to double check) so I try my best not to cross that line. I do strongly urge you check out all of them and if you like what they're about (mainly positive vibes of course), make sure you follow them! The list below is in alphabetical order, no favoritism. 

In a perfect world, if you click any of the images it'll take you straight to their Instagram accounts where you can hit follow and keep up to date with what they're doing! How cool is that (rhetorical question)?



coming soon


more coming soon

I often get asked if I sponsor people (usually at least 5 times a day on average). The short answer is no, not really.. Wrecked is a super small independent brand that I run and operate solo. Unfortunately I'm not in the best position to offer sponsorship as I work in a cafe full time to keep the brand afloat (along with a few other bits and pieces on the side for income). In saying that, I'm not oppose to the idea, BUT I am very selective of who I like to work with in terms of sponsorship. Generally speaking, if you hit me up and you've never worn Wrecked before, I won't be interested - not because I don't support what you're about but I'd much rather work with people who are familiar with the brand. Wrecked is a family.