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In August I was fortunate enough to drive and sell merchandise for five dudes from Canada who play in a 'Pop Punk' band that is known as Seaway that were touring Australia! Before the tour kicked off, I hadn't heard the band besides a few tracks on the internet when I got offered the tour. They were all legends and some of the best dudes I've had the pleasure of spending a bunch of time with!

Anyway, they recently (okay, a little bit ago now - but I thought I'd post about it again because of the new site/blog and I love the dudes a bunch) released a new record, "Vacation" - and well, if Pop Punk is your thing, I'm urging you check it out and support what they're doing if you vibe it.

I know it isn't every bodies cup of tea, but hey - have a sip, go for a rip, take a dip, check out the polka dot bikinis. Fill my cup, say what’s up, the margaritas make it easy!

Jesse Phillips