Wrecked Clothing | Positive Vibes



So, as the title suggests - I did in fact do a radio interview, baby! I caught up with Kieren at Radio Adelaide for a little chat about this creative project that consumes heaps of my time. If you have a listen I feel like you'll probably learn something about Wrecked that you might not already know.

You can check out the interview now:

Sorry if I got a little carried away there, I was just super excited and I'm going to say that this was probably one of my first interviews (hopefully of many because I had a lot of fun hanging out and going into more depth than I usually get to).

Also, further apologies - Kieren did promise that he could edit out some of the bits where I was super super excited but I think that must have slipped his mind.. So I probably sound like a bit of an idiot at times (I was just having fun though)!

I hope you enjoy!

Jesse Phillips