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2017 Top Twenty (+ A Couple) Tracks

If you're anything like me, then there's an extremely high chance that you probably spend a large portion of your time listening to music. I mean, unless I'm asleep or at my day job (which has music in the background anyway - I just don't get to choose what I listen to there), you'll probably find me either listening to music in the car, at my computer, or I'll have headphones in if I'm alone and don't have company where it'd be classed as antisocial! That being said, there's definitely room for background music when you have company - in some situations anyway! I think that the best thing about music is regardless of your mood or emotions - there's music out there that you can enjoy and relate to at any given time!

With another year wrapping up, I thought now would be a good time to touch base and mention some of the tunes that were released this year that I've found myself bumping. If you follow Wrecked, you'd be aware I did something similar last year where I went through my albums of the year - however this time I'm going to go through some of my favorite songs, which will hopefully make it a little easier for you to actually check them out if you're interested! That being said, with music being such a huge part of my life, it's super hard to narrow it down - I somehow got a list of about 80 artists down to 30 artists which wasn't easy. But here's some of my personal favorites that I've been bumping throughout 2017 in no particular order besides Pvris and Architects probably being at the top of the list (there's a high chance these tracks were being blasted while I packed your orders) - hopefully you can possibly discover something new that you like and may have missed throughout the year.

Artist: PVRIS
Tracks: Heaven / What's Wrong / Winter
Release: All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell
Genre: Alternative

Sorry, I couldn't just pick one track from this band no matter how hard I tried (it was hard enough narrowing it down to three tracks, trust me). I've been listening to them for a while now (probably around the time their previous release 'White Noise' came out in 2014). This year they toured Australia and I was lucky enough to catch their show in Adelaide. I think I listen to this band almost every day.

Artist: Architects
Track: Doomsday
Release: Doomsday single
Genre: Metalcore

I first seen Architects back in 2009 when they came out and toured Australia with Parkway Drive. I had listened to their full length 'Hollow Crown' heaps prior to that tour, but seeing them live cemented the fact they'd be one of my favorite bands for a long time. I will admit, they have released a few albums that I didn't necessarily vibe lots, but their last two releases have really made me fall in love with the band again. I feel they write about super relevant content that is important. Having lost their guitarist Tom to a battle with cancer, this is a very strong follow up track to what the band has been through over the past few years.

Artist: Taylor Swift
Track: ...Ready For It?
Release: Reputation
Genre: Pop

It's safe to say that if you haven't ever heard of Taylor Swift, well - you've been living under a rock. This release was super hyped (as most mainstream artists with huge marketing budgets are I guess), but I was personally pretty excited for this release. I seen her perform last year and was blown away - I honestly didn't think I'd see anyone top the stage show that Katy Perry had, but it's a tough one!

Artist: Tonight Alive
Track: Temple
Release: Underworld (2018)
Genre: Rock

My friend is in a band who opened a show for Tonight Alive this year, I went out to catch his band but figured I'd stick around as I had nothing else on, and I am so glad I did. Tonight Alive absolutely blew me away with their live performance. They were so tight, and Jenna (vocalist) seems like such a natural with her stage presence - at times pulling off some whack moves but never looking uncomfortable and completely nailing it, I honestly think she ticked all the boxes for what you could want in a vocalist. Very entertaining to watch this band perform - not sure how I'd slept on them for years, especially being a band I've heard about so many times.

Artist: Jarren Benton
Track: Mental Issues ft. Sareena Dominguez
Release: The Mink Coat Killa
Genre: Hip Hop

I discovered Jarren Benton for the first time when he performed in Adelaide. I attended the show to catch Hopsin and was lucky enough to witness Jarren Benton perform his set and instantly dug what he was doing! Since then I've been following him and was pretty hyped on this release in general which didn't disappoint.

Artist: Linkin Park
Track: One More Light
Release: One More Light
Genre: Pop

Linkin Park were one of the first bands I got into in my youth. I discovered them when Hybrid Theory dropped through my older cousin. They played an enormous part in my childhood (as they did for many people), and they were the gateway to the heavier side of the music world. I will admit I haven't followed the band for a while because their music direction changed, I'm sure it was a progression for the band - but I just wasn't ready for that change. Chester passing away this year shortly after this album was released really hit home hard for me..

Artist: The Plot In You
Track: Feel Nothing
Release: Dispose (out early 2018)
Genre: Metalcore

I think I discovered this band when they were announced for an Australian tour a few years ago (2012). I've been following their journey since then and they've released some cool records in that time. Following the band as they've progressed and their sound has matured has been super exciting, especially anticipating what's next for them! Plus, I'm pretty sure their vocalist, Landon writes majority of their songs (not just lyrically) and he has a solo music project - very talented individual.

Artist: Chip
Track: 34 Shots
Genre: Grime

ormally known as Chipmunk, I think Chip is on top of the whole 'grime' thing. He's dropped some solid releases and tracks and I really want him to tour Australia soon! Fire.

Artist: Cursed Earth
Track: War March / Broken
Release: Cycles of Grief
Genre: Metal

Cursed Earth were on a tour I was out on last year. They're super tight live and smashed it every single night. They're definitely a band worth keeping your eyes on if you're into the heavier stuff. Something I put on when I'm feeling angry or pissed off!

Artist: Lights
Track: New Fears
Release: Skin&Earth
Genre: Pop Rock

So, if you've been reading what I'm writing or paying any attention you may have noticed how much I love the band Pvris (because I did post three of their tracks at the very top of this list) - ANYWAY Lights were on the Pvris album release tour, and I kept seeing them on flyers so checked them out (although that tour didn't hit Australia). And I can vibe what they're doing!

Artist: Seaway
Track: Lula On The Beach
Release: Vacation
Genre: Pop Punk

Again, if you follow what I get up to you'd probably be aware that back in August I drove a Canadian act around the country known as Seaway. I hadn't heard the band at all before the tour, but really clicked with the guys. Shortly after that tour they dropped a new record which is pretty groovy. I'm sure that subconsciously I know a lot of their songs from that tour (which I'm not complaining about might I add).

Artist: Hopsin
Track: Witch Doctor
Release: No Shame
Genre: Hip Hop

Like I mentioned earlier I discovered Jarren Benton when he was out with Hopsin, I've caught Hopsin every time he's been in town so far! I feel he writes very relatable ontent. I'm pretty sure Hopsin also takes care of majority if not all of his beats, and creates all the ideas for visuals (film clips, artwork, etc) so he is much more than "just a rapper".

Artist: The Story So Far
Track: Out Of It
Release: Out Of It single
Genre: Pop Punk

Back in 2015 I was driving a band on tour with The Story So Far. At the time, I had never heard any of the bands. But I had just gone through a break up, and I really connected with The Story So Far when they played on the first night of that tour. I ended up watching them every single night from side stage and fell in love.

Artist: Action Bronson
Track: The Chairman's Intent
Release: Blue Chips 7000
Genre: Hip Hop

I seen Action Bronson when he toured here with Eminem, but if I were to be honest I didn't really get into him until probably 12 months ago. I'm not sure why it took so long to grow on me, but he's a super funny dude and has a few other projects he commits his time to that are very entertaining - but I'll let you dig them up if you're interested!

Artist: Brand New
Track/s: Can't Get It Out / Waste
Release: Science Fiction
Genre: Alternative Rock

will admit that I only recently got into Brand New. After having a friend who's played them a couple of times, and seeing their latest record artwork almost everywhere I looked on the internet when it was released - I had to check them out. I couldn't decide on a favorite track from the release but I narrowed it down to these two. I do need to dig a bit deeper about the history of the band and their previous releases - but that's on my never ending/forever growing to do list.

Artist: Reactions
Track: Wrong Direction
Release: March Of Dissolution
Genre: Hardcore

Reactions are a band from Adelaide where I currently live. They've been kicking it for roughly five years now I reckon and they've definitely put in the hard yards and worked hard to grow the band to where it is. If you like the heavier side of things, give them a spin for sure!

Artist: Movements
Track: Colorblind
Release: Feel Something
Genre: Post Hardcore

Movements are a super cool band. I feel the way they write leaves the tracks with a lot of diversity throughout. I'm keen to see what this band gets up to in the future (hopefully an Australian tour hint hint, I'll put my hand up to tour with them).

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Track: DNA
Release: Damn
Genre: Hip Hop

Okay, so you have internet access (you must if you're reading this), then you've probably seen Kendrick Lamar at some point throughout your travels on the internet. And there's a very good reason for the hype over not only his latest release, but the previous couple. Fire.

Artist: Selena Gomez
Track: Bad Liar
Release: Bad Liar Single
Genre: Pop Rock

Now I know what you're thinking.. This track is such a curve ball to make the cut. But far out, how catch is this track? It was getting pumped on the radio when it first came out and would ALWAYS get stuck in my head - exactly what you'd want as a musician..

Artist: Kublai Khan
Track: The Hammer
Release: Nomad
Genre: Hardcore

Kublai Khan are another band I had the pleasure of touring with. Before the tour started I checked out a couple of songs online, but it didn't do heaps for me at the time. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. First show they blew my mind. Such a real band that have very high morals. Plus they're a bunch of legends.

Artist: Sleep Talk
Track: New Tradition
Release: New Tradition Single
Genre: Alternative

Sleep Talk are another band from Adelaide. When they first started I approached the band to get involved in the business side of things, sadly it was after another band I was working with for five years had called it a day which was a pretty mentally draining time and I dropped the ball and didn't commit 110%. BUT in saying that, I'm stoked to see them smashing it and this clip is so good, watch for yourself if you on't believe me!

Artist: Young Lions
Track: Message
Release: Mr Spaceman
Genre: Alternative Rock

I won't lie, I don't have heaps to say about Young Lions. I checked them out because I seen a bunch of hype and their record rules. I chose this track because I think the lyrical content is super strong - "I guess it’s a warning for the human race. If anyone’s listening… we’re dying, stop walking away. We’re dying, the worlds gotta change.

Artist: Polaris
Track: Lucid
Release: The Mortal Coil
Genre: Metalcore

If you listen to heavy music and you pay any attention then you would have heard of Polaris at the absolute bare minimum. Their latest record was perceived really well by listeners. The band is absolutely smashing it and I'm keen to see what the future holds for them. "I found my love and let it kill me".

Artist: Towns
Track: I Don't Mind
Release: Sonder
Genre: Alternative Rock

Another cool band from Adelaide who are doing really cool things. I can relate to this track.. I didn't mention that there's only two members did I? Rhetorical question - I know I didn't mention that. But in all seriousness, how cool is it that two dudes can make a song this good? Keeping in mind most bands have four or five members on average..

Artist: Neck Deep
Track: In Bloom
Release: The Peace And The Panic
Genre: Pop Punk

Remember a few tracks back, how there was a track from a band called Seaway I toured with? Well, Seaway are tight with Neck Deep so on that tour they mentioned Neck Deep once or twice, and Sam from Architects also featured on one of the tracks on their latest record - so I was always going to check them out. It took a while to grow on me, and it probably isn't something I'd normally put on, but I do like this song!

Artist: Madura Green
Track: Calculated Lies
Release: Calculated Lies Single
Genre: Alternative

So a handful of my pals have been working on this little project they've called Madura Green for a while now. I went into the studio and hung out (probably just got in the way) while they recorded this little banger. They just played their first show and I'm super keen to watch where they go with this band because I think there's stacks of potential and I'm all about it! Keep your eyes peeled, you won't regret it.

Artist: Heaps Good Friends
Track: I Could Eat A Full Packet Of Yo-Yo's
Release: Hug Me (2018)
Genre: Pop

While I'm on the topic of Adelaide artists. I feel I should mention another one that's currently smashing it right now. And that is Heaps Good Friends. Very very groovy band. I can not wait for Hug Me to drop!

Artist: Martyr Defiled
Track: At The Throne Of Salem
Release: Young Gods
Genre: Death Metal

So Martyr Defiled happen to be yet another band I toured with, that I didn't check out before the tour started (I seem to be making a habit of doing this) Again, first show - blew my mind. So tight, and so heavy, and the best dudes - what a package.Sadly, they recently called it a day as a band, but I think their latest record was super underrated and deserved heaps more attention. If you like banging your head, make sure you check this one out..

Artist: Ivan Ooze
Track: Bounce That
Release: Bounce That Single
Genre: Hip Hop

Ivan Ooze has a very unique and original style which is very respectable in a world where almost everything has been done before. I'm sure there's probably others kicking it out there trying to do similar stuff, but I think Ivan Ooze is tight. Fun fact - I sent him a couple of shirts once, but I've never seen him wear them in any photos or videos (maybe they got lost in the post, huh? Haha).

Artist: Big Shaq
Track: Mans Not Hot
Release: Mans Not Hot Single
Genre: Comedy

Look, I feel like the list just wouldn't be complete without this track...

In conclusion, I listen to a lot of music from similar genres - but I hope you were able to find at least a track or two that you can relate to and enjoy! Feel free to share any of your favorites with me, you can hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, send an email, otherwise let me know where you are and I can send my messenger pigeon out to you!

Jesse Phillips